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Summer Ball 19th July 2008

This is what happens when you tell an Aussie to wear formal dress for the occasion !

Our Chairman is well into the Champers.

Dave & Jan enjoying the evening - thanks for all the hard work Browny

Always good to see Lynn supporting the club

Gaffer and his boss.

The party is well under way

But of course there are some who just prop up the bar !

Someone has to have a different penguin suit !

The Fish discusses the day's cricket with Snaresy

Party Girls

More of the Pary Girls - Dancing the night away

Munty invades the Tilbury table (how much more can he lean over ?)

More Tilburys - anyone know what the collective noun for Tilburys is ? - answers on a postcard please.

HELP - someone's stolen Michael

Mulli boogies the night away

The chairman giving it large

Its OK someone has him under control

Its not his son though !

Kitts and Gilo in deep discussion (notice they both have two drinks ! )

That pint was full when he left the bar !

Trish winds the evening up - Simply the Best !
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